Oh, Letterman…

While everyone was all caught up in the Leno/Coco fight, we must admit we learned to rediscover cranky, adulterous uncle Dave. He is what he is and does what he does and you either get it or not. If the absurdity of calling a company “Worldwide Pants” or relentlessly championing acquired-taste comedian Chris Elliott appeal to you, then Letterman is your guy.

And now BeatCrave reports he's started a label with the Scientology-sounding name “Clear Entertainment/C.E. Music.” Letterman's first signing? Huntington Beach electro-emos RunnerRunner.

What do you think? How will they rank among Letterman's proteges? Will they be Craig Kilborns (successful, witty, dapper, appealing to women in their 40s)? Will they be Chris Elliotts (odd, cultish-appealing, perennially less-than-succesful)? Or will they be Eds (a bizarre comedy-drama aimed at an unclear demographic)?

You be the judge:

LA Weekly