David Ghiyam Shares His Journey to Spreading Kabbalah Worldwide

David Ghiyam, a renowned speaker and teacher of Kabbalah, has spent over two decades sharing the spiritual wisdom of Creation with people all over the world. In a recent interview, David shared his story of how he got into this path, how he avoids burnout, and the importance of consciousness in achieving success.

David Ghiyam first became interested in the investment world during his teenage years. With a small loan from his father, he quickly amassed a small fortune in the stock market. However, the roller coaster ride of success and failure took a toll on his mental and emotional health. That’s when he discovered Kabbalah, which gave him the tools and wisdom to deal with success and bring it to others.

Since then, David has traveled to over 400 cities around the world, giving seminars and talks on Kabbalah to people of all faiths, spiritual paths, and cultures. He shared an interesting story of how he once felt burnt out after giving over 40 lectures, but his mentor, Michael Berg, reminded him that when you no longer feel passionate about doing the right thing, that’s when you’re revealing miracles. This inspired David to continue with the next 360 cities!

When asked about tips for avoiding burnout, David emphasized the importance of sticking to basic physical habits such as getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising. He also highlighted the role of consciousness in avoiding burnout, saying that when you feel that your efforts aren’t yielding results, you develop a consciousness of burnout.

David also expressed gratitude towards his wife, MaryRuth, who taught him the importance of time management, taking care of his physical body, and going outside of his comfort zone. He also shared his favorite life lesson quote from his mentor, Rav Berg, “consciousness is everything,” which reminds him that everything in this physical world is an illusion and that all that matters is his consciousness and mindset.

In addition to his seminars and talks, David has volunteered his time to the Kabbalah Center for the last 20 years. He believes that the mission of spreading Kabbalah is to empower people to have better lives and that the one-on-one interactions with people have been the most meaningful experiences.

Lastly, David invites readers of all religious, cultural, or spiritual beliefs to learn more about Kabbalah, which he believes unites all faiths together. He can be followed on Instagram and TikTok @DavidGhiyam.

Overall, David Ghiyam’s journey to spreading Kabbalah worldwide is a testament to the power of spiritual wisdom, consciousness, and perseverance.

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