Every day is a good day to show your love for a person — but Valentine’s Day is always the pinnacle of holidays where people show it the most. If you’re still unsure as to how you will be showing your love to your partner, there are many romantic ways and places you can go in Los Angeles alone this Feb 14.

A Few Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Can Do in LA:

Have dinner at a rooftop bar

Los Angeles is known for many things — and rooftop bars are one of them. If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a traditional way, you can take your partner on a rooftop bar date this February 14. You can admire the stars at Spire 73 or the silhouette of the palm trees at Sunset Rooftop — perhaps you can just order cocktails and delicious food at Harriet’s Rooftop; the downtown city lights also look cool at Perch Rooftop Bar. But these are just a few of LA’s rooftop bars. You can always look up the most suitable one for you and your partner.

Have fun at the beach

Beach dates are a classic! So why not take advantage of LA beaches? After all, we have one of the most picturesque sunsets — and they sure look and feel more romantic when you have your special someone with you! If you think Malibu, Long Beach, and Venice Beach will be too crowded this coming Valentine’s Day, you can try going to other California beaches that aren’t frequented by tourists (or even locals).

Go wine tasting together

Valentine’s Day or not, wine tasting in LA can always be on the table when going on dates. And there’s no shortage of wine-tasting destinations in Los Angeles! You can take your partner to the ones in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, or Pasadena. Many of the wine bars will surely have their promos for couples this Valentine’s Day.

Feed the homeless

The number of homeless people in Los Angeles is — sadly — growing. And they deserve to be shown some love, too! This February 14 (or even on other days), you and your partner can perhaps feed some of LA’s homeless people. You can contact and coordinate with homeless shelters or help out in soup kitchens to help the unhoused. Don’t feed the homeless by yourselves — many of them suffer from drug addiction and mental illnesses; there have been many reports of attacks on places like Skid Row before.

To Sum Things Up, 

There are many LA Valentine’s Day date ideas you can take your partner to — from traditional romantic dinners to secluded beaches, you’ll never run out of ideas and destinations to choose from! However, there’s no harm in showing others some love, too.

You don’t have to overspend just to prove how much you love your partner. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that — always, always — counts!

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