Das Bunker, Los Angeles’ most popular electronic body music (EBM)/industrial dance club night, will announce this morning that they will be holding their customary Star Wars-themed “May the 4th Be With You” night in May 2016 at a new location that also happens to be an old location.

That’s right — Das Bunker’s Star Wars Night V will take place Friday, May 6, 2016 at their former headquarters: the venue formerly known as Jewel’s Catch One.

This should be huge news for Das Bunker’s many fans. Back in 2014, the all-things-dark party relocated to Club Los Globos in Silver Lake, where it continued to hold events until this month. While the Das Bunker crowd tried to adapt to Los Globos as the new home for their regular dose of extreme sounds, many of the regulars have expressed a sense of nostalgia for the rambling, eclectic space that used to be Jewel’s Catch One.

Das Bunker’s annual Star Wars Night is their biggest event of the year — it consistently sells out, which is not surprising given the film franchise’s popularity with cosplay fans, a group that overlaps considerably with Das Bunker's regular industrial/EBM crowd.

Das Bunker made its home at Jewel’s Catch One for 10 years, before the night was forced to relocate in early 2014, when it became clear that the whole place was going out of business.

The Catch One's previous owner, Jewel Thais-Williams, managed the venue for over 40 years, until very recently. In an article about the end of that historic era of the venue this past July, L.A. Weekly’s nightlife expert Lina Lecaro wrote that “Williams sought to offer a welcoming alternative, a place for expression and celebration that was a refuge from daily discrimination.” Jewel’s Catch One functioned at its Mid-City location since around 1972 and it is considered by nightlife historians to be one of the first gay black discos in America, possibly even the very first one.

This past November, L.A. Weekly’s Dennis Romero reported that the venue had been sold to nightlife entrepreneur Mitch Edelson, who also operates Club Los Globos. Edelson’s team is currently remodeling the place — not an easy endeavor give the building’s state of decay — and they are also working on rebranding it. [Update: According to a Club 90s New Year's Eve party at the venue, its new name will be Union Nightclub.]

Although Edelson’s people are not yet ready to announce an official new name or re-opening date, Das Bunker co-organizer John Giovanazzi has confirmed to L.A. Weekly that they have received the go-ahead from the new owners to relocate their party back to its historical home in time for their massive Star Wars Night.

Odds are strongly in favor of a large number of attendees debuting sexy, outrageous versions of costumes from the new installment of the Star Wars franchise, Episode VII: The Force Awakens — which, in case you haven’t heard, opens this week.

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