Dance Pick: Diavolo: This Is Me – Letters From The Front Lines

Diavolo dancersFrance Nguyen-Vincent (Diavolo)Derion Loman (Diavolo)Aaron Mendez & Dr. Najibi (Diavolo)France Nguyen-Vincent & Jacques Heim (Diavolo)France Nguyen-Vincent & Aaron Mendez (Diavolo)Matt Wagner (Diavolo)Jacques Heim (Diavolo)Majella Loughran (Diavolo)

UPDATE: The film is now available to watch for free at the Soraya’s YouTube. Preceded by a conversation, the film begins at the 13-minute mark.

Diavolo, known for their innovative, athletic and emotional aesthetic, creates a new film commissioned by the Soraya, following the paths of military veterans and first responders as they confront the current multiplicity of crises. “At a time when most have been asked to halt and withdraw,” reads the creative statement, “others, like soldiers, are charging forward.” Directed and choreographed by Diavolo’s founder Jacques Heim, and filmed by Aaron Mendez. Streaming live at Facebook on Friday, July 31, 4pm; free;


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