Big weekend ahead with Sunset Junction taking over Silver Lake. Some great DJs will be at hand for the annual street fest, such as Doc Martin and Carlos Nino (see the fest Web site for lineup). SJ's surrounding bars (Akbar, El Chavito Bar, El Cid and Malo) are sure to see their share of boogie bodies, but for those avoiding the area, we recommend a grind fest in another part of town. Friday, Shits & Giggles returns with W. Jeremy, half of House of Stank, the NYC-based DJ duo with Christy Love. Best known for house-heavy mixing mayhem at the original Mr. Black and Stank in New York, the Beat Packers also hit the floors with their own cuts, “Make U Jack,” on the Dust Traxx Chicago label, and follow-up hit “Get Up, Yeah!” With the euphoric, stylishly embellished crowd and environment of S&G as backdrop, we're guessing the place will stank in the best possible way. Also with performances by Kim Burly and Ab Soto, hostesses Tammie Brown (RuPaul's Drag Race) and Miss Barbie-Q, plus sets by residents Victor Rodriguez and Chris Bowen. 3100 Club (aka the Monte Cristo), 659 S. Westmoreland Ave., L.A.; Fri., Aug. 20; $5 all night.

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