A boy who reportedly attended Shadow Hills Middle School in Palmdale flew out his second-story bedroom window last night while playing with his sister.

Damien Adkins, between 12 and 13 years old, was roughhousing with his sister around 3:40 p.m. yesterday when the girl accidentally knocked him out the window, according to the kids' father, Efram Adkins.

“He was just having fun with his sister , playing, and I guess she was falling off the bed or something like that…”

… Adkins told CBS2 reporters. “And her momentum — she grabbed him to brace herself, and her momentum took him toward the window, and it was just, from what they're telling me, a freak accident.”

Investigators told TV reporters the same thing: Just kids having fun.

Fun that tragically led to a two-story free-fall for young Adkins, with an unlucky landing: He was reportedly impaled by a shard of glass from the window.

“Right now I'm numb,” his father said on camera. “I'm numb right now.” The broadcast report:

Isaiah Mims, a commenter at CBS2, says: “He was one of my best friends. R.I.P bro. See you in heaven.” And Lester Bonner says: “May God bless this young boy soul I hav a son Micheal Bonner and grandson Raquon Bonner who were frineds of his they were very sadden by the lost of there frined. R.I.P Young Man.”

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