Something to rile you up for tomorrow's big Game 3 between the Lakers and the Mavericks: This infuriatingly catchy, anti-L.A. jingle we haven't been able to get out of our heads since we heard it on the radio yesterday morning. (Damn you, KNX!)

The music video, though totally Texas-ed out, isn't half-bad either. Forward Dirk Nowitzki shoots his pistols into the sunset as a fat man in camo pants, who one YouTube commenter guesses is Mark Cuban, strums his gee-tar and sways with the cacti.

Get mad:

“You bring them up…You want them to live their lives right….and, you know, there are just certain things that your babies need to know!” writes the uploader. “Not being a Lakers fan is pretty much at the top of the list…”

Please, Kobe, use this as fuel (not to the point of faggotry) and dunk the shit out of these hillbillies. Last night was so painful we almost changed the channel to American Idol. And the press is unanimous: You're “slipping.”

Are y'all really going to let the Mavs make a viral “yo mama” joke and whup your ass three times in a row? Artest's out, game's on.


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