Parallelle Mirrors: French DJ brother duo Parallelle have been playing music from a very young age, with their parents putting them in music school from the age of six.

“Moving to the Netherlands in 2011 opened the door to the underground electronic scene, in which we dived into and have stayed ever since,” they say. “Playing and producing, first separately and it is in 2016 we decided to join forces in brotherhood and created Parallelle.”

Describing their sound today, they say: “We have evolved throughout different sounds throughout the years, but today we would say that we focus on a more melodic minimal tech, with housy and jazzy twists. Keeping it dirty, sexy, groovy and underground.”

On the state of electronic music today, they say that it is becoming the standard in the night life as we speak.

“We feel our music genre is becoming more and more accessible at festivals, clubs and other events,” they say. “All in all, electronic music is thriving in our opinion. So many new inspiring artists, songs and new styles. That is the beauty of electronic, as it is even more infinite than instrumental music.”

Their latest release is “Smoking Mirrors.”

“Agoria, which we consider as a good friend, has asked us to remix one the tracks of his album ‘.dev’, and we naturally got inclined to Smoking Mirrors for a few reasons,” they say. “First of all, we come from a hip-hop background in our youth, and the flow of STS has inspired us a lot, and second of all we always wanted to bridge a gap between urban and electronic music. This was our chance. We decided to take a break-beat direction, as it is a rhythm that, in our opinion, shares a lot of similarities in both genres, and we added spacial melodic synth to bring the listener to a higher ground.”

Looking ahead, they have plenty planned for 2023.

“We are currently on our first US tour with some exciting shows during WMC and other Americans cities,” they say. “In addition to that, for the past two years, we have been travelling across the world and recording sonorities of cities. We translate these sounds into music that showcase each cities’ culture while filming the creative process. We will release these videos and music under our new concept: ‘A Day In’, the first episode is being released on the 20th April and 8 other episodes will follow bi-monthly on our YouTube channel. To give you a sneak peak, we visited Essaouira in Morroco, Real De Catorce and Oaxaca in Mexico, Osaka in Japan, Fiji Islands, Java Island in Indonesia, Bangkok in Thailand, Bengaluru in India and Iceland. Stay tuned to watch them as they are released soon.”

Parallelle Mirrors: Parallelle’s remix of Agora’s Smoking Mirrors:” is out now. 
















































































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