Dai Burger is Ready to Pop: L.A. va Queens rapper Dai Burger has released a new single and video, “Bubble Gum,” to coincide with new album Back in Ya Mouf.

There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, we would assume, as she sings “Bubble gum, pop it like bubble gum, give you some, some of my bubble gum.” The video (directed by prior Lil Yachty collaborator Rahil Ashruff) sees her dancing with friends, sometimes on a very glam bus.

She explains in a press release, “Mazi and Wy are two dope dancers from Brooklyn who create and dance their behinds off! Mazi just finished touring with Princess Nokia and Wy choreographs and directs dope videos and skits too. They just represent Black girl joy & Magic and I love it! My boy David Sincere oversaw our choreography to make sure we were on point for the video, he is also a dope celebrity choreographer.”

According to the same press release, “As ‘Bubble Gum’ quickly and proudly displays, the clearest aspect of Dai Burger’s new project is her continual growth as an artist. Refusing to be boxed in, with Back in Ya Mouf she’s not simply evolved, she’s essentially left behind any single label that one might try and apply to her. More than a rapper and singer, her versatility here extends from the pure, unbridled joy of euphoric pop to danceable, club adjacent tracks, with influences ranging from her local NY scene to Baltimore club sounds to even lightly sliding into Dancehall and Reggaeton (‘Rain for Me’) and all the way back around to aggressive, chest-thumping raps (‘Talk My Shit’). It’s no mere chance that the first words uttered on the album are, ‘We need room’: there’s no confining Dai Burger’s style and fearless presentation.”

Dai Burger is Ready to Pop: Dai Burger’s “Bubble Gum” single and Back in Ya Mouf album are out now.


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