Cydnee with a C Digs NMIXX with an N: Atlanta-raised, L.A.-based singer Cydnee with a C told us about her NMIXX experience.

Cydnee with a C: On May 5, I went to see NMIXX at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. Anytime I have the opportunity to see Kpop in the states I’m there! I did a contest on Instagram to have reels made to one of my songs from my EP ‘Confessions of a Fangirl’.

I’m grateful to Hunimoon for making a reel to my song “Jealous” and all the hard work she put into it using Blender and After Effects! I picked her as the winner and took her with me to see NMIXX! My favorite NMIXX member ever is Lily. Lily is Korean Australian and during the show she spoke a lot for the group in her Aussie accent, it was so cute! Her voice is so powerful and amazing. She inspires me to be an international artist and perform in countries that don’t even speak my native language.

All of the girls did so good and I can tell they worked very hard on their English to communicate with their international fans. This is what I live for as an artist and why I study Korean everyday because I can see myself in South Korea performing and communicating with my listeners. I can see myself on a world tour like NMIXX!

The show was perfect and the girls shocked me with their English. Especially Bae and Kyujin! My favorite part was the Twice “TT” cover because I love twice so much too! Their vocals were on point and they slayed the choreo like it was nothing. It was a sold out show with all these grown men screaming all the girls names from the top of their lungs. It was also Hunimoon’s first Kpop concert so I’m glad I got to pop her Kpop cherry!

Cydnee with a C Digs NMIXX with an N: Cydnee with a C’s Confessions of a Fan Girl EP is out now.













































































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