You may be forgiven for having missed the opening, one year ago, of Zia Valentina, a tiny granita bar in the Original Farmers Market. So many other food stalls crowd the venerable 80-year-old market that it's easy to overlook the small counter, even with its pretty vegan pastries and back wall, which churns out granita from cute nozzles. Go find it, ideally in the company of some undercaffeinated teenage girls. Because owner Naomi Kashi — who named the shop after her Sicilian great-aunt — has created a tiny paradise for those who love sweets and coffee but have certain dietary restrictions or preferences. Nearly everything is vegan and sweetened with stevia instead of sugar. This includes the shot of espresso, which is served not in a ceramic demitasse or even a properly recyclable cup but in perhaps the best vehicle for espresso we've ever seen: a tiny ice cream cone, which has first been hand-dipped in dark chocolate. Thus, after you swig your shot, you can happily crunch the cup itself, rather as you would the tiny cookie often served with an actual cup of espresso. The best form of cleanup possible. —Amy Scattergood

6333 W. Third St., Stall #530, Fairfax District, 90036. (323) 934-3660,

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