The weekend went by way too quickly, but for those who want to keep up their night-on-the-town streak, Curt Smith, who you might recognize from a little band called Tears for Fears, is playing Hotel Cafe tonight. We've been told that Smith is going on stage at 8 p.m., so it's early enough to not totally ruin your sleep schedule.

Curt Smith “Seven of Sundays”

“Mad World” might not have been Tears for Fears biggest hit, but it's the song that AMV (anime music video) hobbyists love to mash together with with animated clips. Here are a few of my favorites.

Tears for Fears vs. Paranoia Agent “Mad World”

If you haven't seen Satoshi Kon's series Paranoia Agent, you're missing out on perhaps the most twisted program to hit the small screen. The series revolves around the investigation into a series of violent crimes at the hands of the elusive “Little Slugger,” but as the episodes delve more into the personal lives of those involved, the story gets more intense. “Mad World” is a perfect fit.

Tears for Fears vs. Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

There are so many Advent Children AMVs circling YouTube that clips from the Final Fantasy installment sometimes run through my head as a blur. This one, though, is nicely edited and beautifully reflects the lyrics.

Tears for Fears vs. Death Note

I'm not a big fan of AMVs that keep the subtitles, but we'll make an exception with this one because it's Death Note. For those who have not seen the hit anime, it is an incredibly addictive cat-and-mouse chase. I've seen the series three times and there are still moments where I'll start screaming in shock at the television set. You can catch it Saturday nights on Adult Swim.

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