With a few exceptions — Lil Wayne, call us — male rappers historically have come off as very ungenerous lovers. It's always been, “Hey, eat/suck/gobble/choke on my dick!” with the only promise of reciprocation being, occasionally, the dopey 69 position. (Seriously, if you're doing that, you must be 16.)

Until recently, that is. In the past year, rappers not only have been talking about going down, but bragging about how good they are at it. Here are five of our favorites.

5. “212”

Azealia Banks

Nobody should've been surprised when the feisty Miss Banks casually told the New York Times she was bisexual. In the first 30 seconds or so of her breakout song “212,” she warns that your chick wants to cheat with her. When it comes to cunnilingus, she's subtle at first — “Now she wanna lick my plum in the evening” — but then decides, why beat around the bush, so to speak? “I guess that cunt getting eaten,” she says repeatedly, almost normalizing the last taboo word.

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4. “Pu$$y”

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea might not have used Azealia Banks' blunt terminology, but she did write a pretty good how-to manual. “Right, left, back to the middle, head on a swivel,” she raps. “Treat that tongue like a bullet.” Bonus points for comparing the taste to Skittles, and for not mentioning reciprocating. How does it feel, fellas?

3. “Eat the Pussy”

Ty$ and Joe Moses ft. Reem Riches and TeeCee4800

First of all, Whoop! is the best new mixtape from L.A. rappers you're not listening to, and this song needs an “OG West Coast” remix immediately — Too $hort, you're up. In any case, its theme is remarkable. For years, we've heard rappers talk of eschewing giving oral sex because it's supposedly gross or emasculating. But Ty$ articulates that giving oral sex is not only enjoyable but the hallmark of a real man (“I'm a n*gga for real/Always eat my meals/Most of these n*ggas be lyin', I'ma lick it for real”). We agree.

2. “Do It With My Tongue”


The first YG song we ever heard was “Pussy Killer” three years ago, so we think of him as a leader of this new pro-pussy licking movement. He's still advocating and championing it; in fact, on his latest tape, 4Hunnid Degreez, he goes so far as to crown himself the “Pussy Eater.” He's also a very considerate lover. If he has a college girl, he raps, she can still study; he'll just pleasure her while she reads her book.

1.”I Will”

Danny Brown

Danny Brown is 31 and, as he said in a recent interview, “I've been eating pussy for over 10 years. You fo' sho' comin' in under two minutes with this boy.” Here's the reason Danny Brown is number one on this list. He's a man who loves women, period. How can you tell? As opposed to every other song on this list, he raps that he doesn't care if it doesn't taste like fruit or Skittles. YG's the leader of this movement? Danny Brown is the godfather.

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