After the rage over UCLA student Alexandra Wallace's “Asians in the Library” video had run its course, it seemed no troll-y imitator could recapture her shock value. We were, in a word, jaded. (Just ask this chick, who rubbed mustard all over her face in a desperate attempt to become the next Wallace. Bo-ring.)

However, a new anonymous video — posted by a user who says he/she did not shoot it, but that it was shot during finals weeks at Cal State Northridge (CSUN) — has managed to hit a sensitive spot this morning.

It shows an Asian student having a bit of a meltdown in the center aisle…

… after a couple girls behind the camera tell her to “calm [her] dramatic ass down.” Not sure what prompted the “dramatic” comment, but we're guessing some sort of grand hushing of finals procrastinators. (Who then, of course, reached new levels of procrastination by taking the time to humiliate their stressed-out schoolmate on YouTube.)

“Do not tell me that,” the freaker-outer says to the camera girls. “It's rude. It's disrespectful. OK? It's FINALS right now.”

Things kind of devolve from there: “What's wrong with you? What is wrong with ALL OF you?” she asks. Then: “I'm not talking louder than you, am I? Am I talking like THIS? Can you please just stop talking?!?!” She slams the desk and sets off a wave of snickers.

Minerva Sykes, a Twitter user who says she was at the scene of the freakout, writes, “it gets SO MUCH WORSE after this video ends!!” But no one's taking responsibility for the footage. The original uploader, cdrzcole, captions the “CSUN Asian Library FInals Freakout” like so:

This is not my video, i do not take credit for the recording of this video. watch and enjoy!

some asian girl is freaking out in the library at CSUN during finals week. She takes finals too serious.

And someone named Gabriel re-posted the video to Tosh.0 with the disclaimer, “This is not my video, i do not take credit for the recording of this video. credit goes to London Gatewood.” (Whatever that means.)

Anyway, it's obviously been ingrained in permanent Internet infamy by now. The debate is raging over who should be ridiculed here: The wound-up Asian girl, or the girls who videotaped her, who sound like they're black. Ironically, the former only proves the Alexandra Wallace theory wrong by telling her peers to shut up and let her study — but then again, also ends up being the most disruptive person in the room.

Face-off in the YouTube comments:

Come on grow up. You are a bully for instigating this girl and even more so for putting this up here. Do you want to ruin this girl's life? You are mean. Take this off, if you have any sort of dignity. It's sickening that you want us to enjoy this.

Maybe you should take finals a little more seriously. If you aren't going to be studying, Get out and talk at a coffee shop! its that easy.

“Everyone who is bitching about people in the library being loud, yes it's true that people shouldn't be that rude in the library, but it happens all the time and you should have more self control than to freak out on someone like that. Be the bigger person and just leave. There are rude people no matter where you go. The Asian girl could have easily been smacked, there are better ways to deal with the problem. She just made a fool of herself.”

Meanwhile, racist video responses like this one are only fanning the flames.

To be honest, it seems like a lot of hype for nothing. We saw much worse, around finals time, in our four years at a University of California campus — just didn't think it was Tube-worthy at the time. Kids'll do anything to avoid studying these days.

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