Crypto Media Group Referral Code. Check how to get it and use it.

The valid referral code is: xcd53bpcpk. New customers can register with the referral code and claim a $25 welcome bonus. (previously known as MCO) is a website that essentially offers everything that a crypto enthusiast could need.

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It does everything from allowing you to pay for services using a metal debit card (and getting cashback) to using the platform to stake crypto and earn interest. Here, we take a look at how you can get a $25 sign-up bonus using the referral code.

What Is The Referral Code?

The code is a referral code you can use when signing up on the app. The referral code is: xcd53bpcpk. Other codes exist, but this exchange referral code has an extremely high bonus relative to other codes available. Referral Code Referral Code

It is possible for you to claim up to a 25 USD sign-up bonus on the exchange using this referral code. Once you set up your account, you can receive further crypto-based rewards. Do remember that most of these rewards will be CRO-based, which are coins created by

How To Get The Referral Code Bonus

Let’s look at how you can get the rewards associated with your sign up bonus:

  • Head to the sign-up screen (you can use a web browser or the app) to join the service using this link

  • Sign up using your credentials. Remember to link your phone number for more security.

  • When prompted for the promo code, enter the referral code xcd53bpcpk to claim the referral bonus.

  • Deposit coins or USD into your wallet. You can use a credit card or bank transfer in case of fiat currency.

  • Buy, sell, trade, earn, pay, stake, avail cashback, and set up a visa card using crypto. Referral Code Referral Code

Remember that you can head over to the app settings (or use the web browser) to change details about your account, the visa card, and any other particulars about the app. Referral Program

Unlike many other crypto wallet services, does not offer a lot of ways for you to earn rewards. The main way to get a bonus is to join the affiliate program (which is free) and get users to join the exchange with your codes.

You can also use a referral link instead. Simply send the referral link to get people to join Both of you will receive a bonus.

Review of

Now you know how to use the referral code. Let’s take a look at the cryptocom exchange and its features. We will especially explore its visa card, as that is one of the main attractions of the platform.

About The Exchange exchange is a complete crypto platform. It not only lets you buy, trade, and sell crypto, but it also makes it easier for you to spend crypto in the real world. The platform began as MCO but changed its name to (along with launching its own CRO token). Check some of the posts on the blog to learn more. Services

Let’s look at all the additional services offered by

Stake And Earn

According to Blockduo, you can stake the CRO currency to not only earn more crypto but also pay fewer fees. You also get your own referral code for making money.

A Visa Card

You get a visa card for spending crypto with cashback for specific services (e.g. Spotify).

Pay With Crypto

You have the ability to purchase gift cards with crypto. You can also get credit facilities.

Robust Mobile App

You can use the app for managing your account and card. Trading Fees

The trading fees for vary with the level at which you’re at. Your level is determined by your total 30-day trading volume. You can further decrease the amount you pay by staking CRO and entering the VIP tiers. It is possible for you to make certain kinds of trades for free if you stake enough CRO.

As always, you can decrease the number of fees you pay by opting for maker orders instead of taker orders. Visa Card

One of’s main features is its visa card. The card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted and can be used to earn cashback.

Card Tiers

Just like on all of’s other services, you can stake CRO to increase the rewards you get. There are a total of 5 card tiers, and you can get a better card once you increase the amount of CRO you stake.

The lower tiers require staking of $0-4000 and allow you to earn up to 5% rewards. On top of this, you can also get cashback on certain services, such as a 100% cashback on Spotify.

Obsidian is the highest ex-MCO visa card tier. It requires staking of at least $400,000 and has numerous benefits including a private jet partnership. App has a trading app that you can use to do everything that you can do on the web. You can acquire credit, earn more crypto, manage your coins, and take a look at your referral code (go to settings, referral code).

Is Legit? has all the major security features in place. You can use 2FA to protect your wallet, and the vast majority of crypto is held in cold storage by the company. has been operating as an exchange since its MCO days. MCO eventually added trading functionality and the ability to earn crypto before changing its name, and it hasn’t experienced a breach over its history.

As far as we can tell through our personal experience and forum posts, is legit. Referral Code: xcd53bpcpk (code for $25 bonus)

Use the code xcd53bpcpk and get a $25 sign-up bonus right now.

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