How would some of L.A.'s most interesting and influential people live their last day in L.A.? We find out in this series, which accompanies our Best of L.A. issue.

I would wake up and immediately go to the 101 Café (6145 Franklin Ave.) in Hollywood. I get the chorizo and eggs there. I also always have a cup of chili to start. That's part of being an adult — you can eat what you want.


After that, Amoeba Records (6400 Sunset Blvd.). I have the most random collection of vinyl — I'm really into Tom Petty and Billy Joel right now. I also try to collect show tunes, and the incidental music from Star Trek — the background music to scenes from the movies/series.

From there, I'd go get coffee at Compañía de Café (110 N. Maclay Ave., San Fernando). It's an artisanal coffee place that has awesome comfy couches and does this iced Mexican chocolate mocha. They also have amazing empanadas and exotic sugar cookies, like mango pineapple.

Then I'd go to the Regency (6355 Bellingham Ave.) to see an action movie or a comic book movie. Admission is $1.50 on Tuesdays. I go there to see the movies I missed on the first time around because I know by now if it's good or not.

After the movie, I'd go to the Fairfax district to shop the thrift stores. One of the best things I ever found there was this Louis Vuitton bag that had the word “fake” on it — it turned out it was a real bag. I could have died that day and it would have been at a high point of my life.

By the afternoon, I would want to go to North Hollywood and find the Mexican guy who sells corn with mayo and chili powder butter in carts. He's usually near Victory and Lankershim, but his location always changes. I asked him for his phone number so I could text him to see where he's at. I'm VIP with the most random people.

After that, if I want to be really bad, I'd drive from North Hollywood to Glendora for some good old Donut Man (915 E. Route 66, Glendora). They do seasonal donuts — I'd either get the strawberry or the tiger tail. After that I'd want to check out greeting cards at the Paper Source (12174 Ventura Blvd.) in Studio City, then go to this bar nearby called the Six (12650 Ventura Blvd.) and get a turkey sloppy joe.

In the evening I'd head to the Comedy and Magic Club (1018 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach). That's my home club. The owner has this awesome collection of memorabilia, so you're performing and you see Arsenio Hall's leather jacket, or the waitress uniform from Roseanne.

Then I'd go do a set at the Hollywood Improv (8162 Melrose Ave.) and stay there for a couple beers. I'd end my night at Guelaguetza (3014 W. Olympic Blvd.) in Koreatown. To start the meal, they bring you tortilla chips with mole on top of it, and they have this mole sampler that's amazing. On nights and weekends they have bands playing. You feel like you're in the middle of a Mexican party.

—as told to Jessica Ogilvie

Actress-writer-comedian Cristela Alonzo will star in an ABC comedy series this fall called, yes, Cristela. It premieres Oct. 10 at 8:30 p.m. She hails from San Juan, Texas, and feels like a badass for having gotten the personal phone number of the North Hollywood corn guy.

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Correction: This piece originally listed the incorrect title for the ABC show Cristela. We regret the error.

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