Today's crate-diggers' delight comes courtesy of Dan White, who's blogging American Idol's Beatles-themed week for the Queersighted blog.

Here's what he posted about his find at Los Feliz's amazing metalhead-run-and-operated mecca for used and new vinyl Vacation Records:

I got this record I picked up at the excellent Los Angeles all-vinyl store called Vacation. It's an old compilation of unlikely people singing Beatles songs. I bought it because Bobbie “Ode to Billy Joe” Gentry was on it. But when I played the record I realized that my favorite contribution was an oddly martial, Southern Gospel-influenced version of “Let it Be” sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford. You think it wouldn't work but it does.

It's sort of stately and moving at the same time. I'm assuming you already know who Tennessee Ernie Ford was, the deep baritone, mustache-working, state-trooper-looking singer from olden times (aka the middle of the 20th century). I can't help you if you don't. You're responsible for your own cultural education.

I think none of them on this week's Beatles-themed show are going to make me as happy as Tennessee and Bobbie G.

(We're jealous, Dan. We troll Vacation constantly and if we had seen a Bobbie Gentry-related item there, it wouldn't be in your hands right now.)

Anyways, here's Tennesse Ernie Ford doing “Let It Be.” As Snoop would say, “Chuuuuuuuuuuch!”:

Click here for the video.

(Once again, the awful RIAA-inspired YouTube embedding police has been at it. When will they understand pissing off the music fans by “disabling” perfectly useful technology that promotes their fucking product is NOT THE WAY TO GO?)

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