That online Craigslist-based reality show we told you about recently went live on YouTube. The 14-episode first season follows the lives of five Angelenos who used the bulletin-board site to find fashion models, soul mates and more.

The star so far seems to be Michael Mullen, a 28-year-old fashion designer who goes on a quest to get Sandra Bullock to wear a gown he designed to the Oscars. (He posted an ad on CL looking for Sandra Bullock lookalikes to model the gown and help him with sizing). The series also features:

-Charity Cabico, a woman who posted a “casting call” for a her husband.

-Trista and Tara, young women who looked via Craigslist for the male “sex machine” they spotted at Starbucks.

-Jaysin Paul, a rapper who posted an ad searching for a “hype man” in the vein of Flavor Flav (His episodes haven't been posted yet).

The series is so far L.A.-based, although a representative of Craigslist TV tells the Weekly that producers plan to tape in other cities in the future.

LA Weekly