Buying coors light beer at Vons – m4w – 45 (Valencia)

Date: 2010-04-07, 11:28AM PDT

Top of Form

we were in line together at vons Your were buying to cans coors light.Im upset I didnt ask you out..I to love beer and you were hot..I so hope you see this.


Hmm, I wonder how much he was loving beer when he wrote this post.

He “to” loves beer? I bet he also breathes oxygen and probably likes sunshine – and if she does, too, it's a perfect match!

Though beware…it appears she was buying “to” cans which means she might have already hooked up with someone else who to loves beer and thinks she was hot.

SIDENOTE: Honestly, how much do you truly love beer if Coors Light is what revs your engine? Just sayin'.

Francesco Marino.

LA Weekly