Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson was target of a letter containing white powder, and not the good kind either.

If the return address was Lindsay Lohan's Venice pad, it might be a different story but, unfortunately, the letter from France caused a minor scare at CBS Television City in the Fairfax District yesterday afternoon.

In fact …

Two people who handled the envelope had to “held in isolation,” according to our handy dandy City News Service wire copy.


Authorities were called about 2:50 p.m. to the studios in the 7800 block of Beverly Boulevard. The powder, however, turned out be benign (well, not that benign), police said.

Ferguson joked about it on his show last night:

Today someone sent here an envelope packed with white powder. And I was like, 'Oh, I'll test it for you. I have a special test that I conducted between 1979 and 1992.' The police were like, 'No no.' … Normally if somebody sent me white powder I'd like like, 'Yeah!'

He introduced one of the two people who had been isolated, a new intern named Sarah. “You are the brave intern,” Ferguson said. “Usually it's quite a safe job.”

“I did get it on me,” the Arizona State University student said of the powder. She said she indeed “thought” it was cocaine at first.

Welcome to Hollywood.

Television City seems to attract strange white powder that scares people. It happened Nov. 19 when a Dancing With the Stars staffer opened a similar letter.

@craigyferg joked about the incident on Twitter, retweeting a staffer's observation that at least this spotlight isn't about his new hair:

Finally some office drama that isn't about Craig's hair! FYI: The hair is hot. Anthrax scare, not so much

The LAPD's Major Crimes Unit and federal and “European” authorities are looking into the source of the letter, said LAPD Officer Karen Rayner.

So save your powder, weirdos. These agencies don't play around.

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