Cradle of Filth are Back to Black: English black metal villains Cradle of Filth originally scheduled this live streamed event for March. However, preparations for their new album, Existence is Futile, forced a postponement to May.

A press release reads, “Their infernal hell-fires will already start discoloring the skies this spring, when the band finally play their highly anticipated live stream concert from a new undisclosed location, chosen primarily for the bigger, bolder, more batshit crazy production the band are bringing to their captive audience.”

“Batshit crazy” is right; the band has been battering audiences and challenging sensibilities for decades thanks to a string of killer albums (2000’s Midian remains a highlight) and one particularly controversial t-shirt that featured a nun masturbating and the slogan “Jesus is a c*&t.”

Existence is Futile  will be their first album since 2017’s Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay, and they’ll likely play a bunch of new tunes at this show.

Cradle of Filth are Back to Black: Tune in at 2 p.m. PT on Wednesday, May 12. Details here.

LA Weekly