Various British gossiparazzi sites have picked up an item that actress and former Hole singer Courtney Love is packing up and leaving swinging Los Angeles for comatose Buckinghamshire, England.

“People criticize Britain,” the item quotes Love, “but it's still a cleaner, safer place to live than Hollywood.”


There has been speculation that Love may actually have her sites set on London, whose Daily Star reported Love said she would only move there if Madonna vacated the city on the Thames:

“Madonna had better stay the hell away from London when I move here to live. There's no room for us both.”

In December, Heeb magazine

told its readers that the Holacious One was relocating to New York. But

that was all of two months ago. Apparently Love is heading for the


“Buckinghamshire,” Love is now quoted as saying, “is where I want to go. I read Country Life magazine every week. I'm fed up with Los Angeles. It's full of crazy people.” Exactly.

LA Weekly