Dear Diary,

“I'm not going to lie, yes, my life is pretty much in chaos right now. And that's exactly why it's a perfect time to write a column for my friend. Here. For you. Every week or so. Ish. It's a test of sorts. Can I do it?”


Courtney Love

Courtney Love is writing a column for, the new venture of Jane Pratt, founder of Sassy and Jane magazines. This is awesome. As Courtney says, “Jane is anti-shame. Pro-slut.”

We don't even care that Courtney's talking gibberish about being in Istanbul for some “five-star camp,” posting pictures of herself prancing around in a bikini, and ruminating on the impossibility of her accepting the LA Times' standing offer to be an op-ed columnist.

Jane Pratt made all of us girls who didn't look like Ralph Lauren Polo models feel like it was ok to have messy curls, prefer black humor instead of tennis whites, and have a crush on Ad-Rock. Sassy and Jane also wrote about any band girls who read Glamour thought smelled bad. So it's only natural Pratt and Courtney Love became BFFs.

Pratt knows Love's problem with brevity, but she still offered her the opportunity to be an blogger. Love's last paragraph:

Yes, I still have a secret account on Twitter. I just do it because some people you can only communicate with that way. They don't text, they just Twitter. Like my stylist or Dave Navarro. Twitter isn't so good for me. The grammar, having the limited characters. I'm not good with brevity. I have a standing offer with the LA Times to write an Op/Ed anytime if it was under 2,000 words. And I have tried, and I have failed. I have even written about subjects as mundane as hybrid rose maintenance. It was 3,000 words by the time I had looked. I'm not really good with brief. So this is a good way. Blogging. I trust Jane, and this is a good way to have a little voice, and I have a pretty adventuresome, chaotic life, and maybe the lesson is to have the voice in the chaos. It's kind of like a coffee commitment at an AA meeting, though. If you don't show up, you get really embarrassed.

Oh, summer, your bounty is plenteous.

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