Attention: new communication from Planet Courtney!

Apparently Billy Corgan recently dissed Hole's new album (which he helped create), but Courtney took the high road (sorry, we couldn't resist) and did what any mature 45-year-old woman would.

She wrote him a public love letter on Facebook.

The most recent sample of Prosa Courtneyana, courtesy of Billboard:

“Dearest Billy:

I love you, I love your strong and eternal heart, even love the f***ed up gnarly amazing magnificent bigger-than-god louder-than-love karma of the songs you write and allow me to fly with. We have again created beauty from the agony between us, all the buried and unburied anguish, all that is true, that is gold, that is meant to be is within this endless and somehow eternal cycle of Billy & Courtney. I hope you will take my sincerest apologies for all the thousand ways I sometimes offend you, because I know you are a king, a prince, and my beautiful noble boy. No one will ever force my hand, nothing will come between the truth of what we are:

Eternal lovers

Eternal fighters

Eternal warriors.

Let the forces and the shock and awe loose from its cages, all credit where it is due. I love and you and can never thank you enough.Your soul (and you know this).

Xxx CLC”

Background, from the Billboard piece:

Back story: Corgan and Love have had a tempestuous relationship ever since both dominated the alt rock headlines in the mid-90s. The pair recently recorded song for Love's forthcoming album, “Nobody's Daughter.” Due in April, it is the first she's released as using the Hole band name since 1998's “Celebrity Skin,” an album on which Corgan co-wrote several tracks.

However, Corgan disowned the new Hole material he worked on in the interview, saying that if Love released the songs, “it would be a real big problem, because I haven't given my permission. I have no interest in supporting her in any way, shape or form. You can't throw enough things down the abyss with a person like that.” Ouch!

Rather than lashing back with her usual fury, Love decided to be the bigger person and took to her Facebook page to address Corgan's rant.

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