Living with a very possibly mentally ill relative is never fun, even if one says one will never talk to them again and spends a lot of time on the East Side, hanging out at Wacko and the Echo, while said insane relative tours the world wearing outfits that make her look like a tranny prom queen, screaming at underlings that she can't go on Jay Leno with a fragrant vagina.

Frances Bean Cobain just turned 18 (wonder if any grunge pervs had an internet clock going, like they did for the Olsen twins?) and Mommie Dearest Courtney Love unleashed one of her customary rants on Twitter. You can read the highlight above, though the whole rant has also been captured for your reading pleasure agony:

Buzzfeed has captures of the whole (misspelled, odd-grammar, per usual) rant here.

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