If we did this we'd be called a man-ho or something worse.

But it turns out a woman who lives part-time in L.A., along with her husband, claim to have had “surrogate” sex with 5,485 people. That's like Wilt (“The Stilt”) Chamberlain or Gene Simmons territory.

The duo, 40-year-old Geoff Daniels and 39-year-old Sarah Moore, say they travel the world to serve as surrogate sex partners for men and women. Some have lost their virginity to one of the two.

Sarah claims marks for 3,323 men are scratched into her metaphorical bedpost. Geoff says he's got 2,162 ladies under his belt.

All this is under the guise of help, therapy and overcoming sexual issues.

We call it (alleged) prostitution and/or man-hoing.

“We are proud of the way we earn a living and never feel bad about sleeping with other people's husbands, wives, or long-term partners,” Sarah says.

She says they duo “cannot be compared to prostitutes.”

But they charge about $235 and up per “visit.” You know, for full-release, happy-ending “therapy.” Right.


LA Weekly