Following the Los Angeles City Council's approval of a marijuana dispensary ordinance that would establish a 1,000 buffer zone around schools, Councilman Bernard Parks has proposed to establish such a zone for tobacco sales.

While few would argue that it's advantageous to have a pot shop within 1,000 feet of a school, we're guessing that merchants, especially proprietors who've sold groceries and other necessities for years, will be up in arms over this one: Many mom-and-pop shops are near or even across the street from schools.

Parks' proposal, however, leaves the door open to a law that “grandfathers existing tobacco retailers in close proximity to schools,” but with the caveat that they would face tougher penalties if they're caught selling cigarettes to minors and with a blackout of sales during school hours.

“Currently, there are no zoning regulations or local laws that prohibit tobacco sales near schools,” Parks writes in his motion. “Community advocates and concerned parents have expressed their desire for policy solutions to address tobacco sales near schools.”

[Spotted at LAist].

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