The City Council on Tuesday was taking a look at a proposed law that would essentially shut down most of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. A provision that would limit a pot shop to serving 57,000 residents within a police division's area would ultimately mean the city would end up with about 70 such establishments instead of the 545 that are open today.

However, the City Council is expected to pile on loopholes and revisions to the proposal. And with the mayor heading to Europe next week and the holidays approaching, it doesn't seem likely that the city will pass a law before the year's end. (So exhale).

Under the ordinance being considered, marijuana would have to be grown on-site by a collective, and patients could only belong to one collective. Operations would have to prove to an certified public accountant once a year that their business is nonprofit.

And the shops would only be allowed to keep five pounds or 100 plants on-hand at any time.

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