We usually don't put “motivation” and “pot smoker” in the same sentence. But a Wall Street Journal story wonders aloud if pot-enthusiasts', er, buzz over the initiative that would legalize marijuana in California will bring more free thinkers (e.g. liberals) out to the polls in November.

If that happens, some experts surmise, Democrats would benefit from the, uh, high turnout. Tom Jensen, director of Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, says it's true:

Voters under 30 will be turned on by the prospect of legalization, thus giving a boost to senatorial candidate Barbara Boxer and others of the Donkey party.

Anna Greenberg, a Democratic pollster, told the Journal, “Moving forward, these kinds of initiatives could have a coattail effect for Democratic candidates.”

But stoners? Under 30? Stepping away from the bong to … vote? That would be cooler than that episode of Entourage when Eric Roberts joined the gang and did shrooms.

But we'll believe it when we see it.

LA Weekly