Like many a European city, L.A. is no stranger to hooliganism, from the Lakers championship unrest downtown last June to the weekend's violence between USC and UCLA fans at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

So what?

Lots of places have fans that go apeshit. But Southern California is a place where many feel justified in blaming anything that's wrong on brown folks, and some feel that a proposed NFL stadium downtown, where there are plenty of Latinos, would only exacerbate possible sports riots.

Following our reporting on the USC-UCLA stabbings (and yeah, while suspects included Latinos, some of the idiots caught on videotape appeared to be white and other ethnicities too), some wondered if L.A.'s criminal (and, in their minds, brown) element is too hot for pro sports.

Our commenter of the day, Anonymous, writes:

What do you thing will happen downtown if we allow AEG and his stooge Antonio Villaraigosa to impose an NFL stadium. They will burn down the entire downtown …

What do you think?

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