Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Rohit Jaiswal Starts Taking Cryptocurrency as Payment

Cryptocurrency was initially viewed as a commodity bought and sold by those in the know. As society progressed, it started to be acknowledged by major organizations, business people, and companies. Such efforts have been criticized as either tokenistic or a drop in the ocean compared to the overall potential of Web3. There has been little talk in western economies of crypto usage in conventional businesses such as supermarkets, let alone medical practice. But today, Dr. Rohit Jaiswal, the Head Plastic Surgeon of recently launched Atelier Plastic Surgery, has announced that his clinic will accept cryptocurrency as payment for procedures.

The update is noteworthy due to the technology’s relatively sparse usage by local businesses in the same field. While Jaiswal acknowledges that competition in the cosmetic surgery industry is increasing, Atelier is the first practice of its kind in Las Vegas to accept crypto. The move marks a notable milestone as the blockchain-based currency expands its potential utility.

“Since I launched the clinic, my team and I have always kept an eye on the future and cutting-edge technology that could make our patient experience richer,” Jaiswal said. “In addition to accepting cryptocurrency, we are developing our presence in the metaverse to allow patients another way of experiencing Atelier.”

Cosmetic surgery is a sector that has been defined by constant innovation. As Atelier’s Head Surgeon puts it, “Everyone on the planet wants to look better in some way.” Therefore, the diversification into blockchain technology, while unexpected, draws some natural parallels with the profession Jaiswal has spent his life training for.

While aesthetic improvement options are increasing in the physical world, the metaverse could offer limitless possibilities for those with ambitions beyond what current technology can provide. Moreover, crypto and NFT advocates frequently put accessibility and community at the center of their projects, which are also keen priorities for medical professionals. Perhaps Jaiswal is hedging his bets by being one of the first in his industry to plant his flag on Planet Web3.

2022 marks Atelier’s first full calendar year of operation. By announcing the acceptance of cryptocurrency so soon into the clinic’s lifespan, it follows that Web3 innovation was likely to be one of Jaiswal’s focuses from the outset. His recognition of the potential challenges ahead could explain these recent technologically-guided moves.

“There is notable competition from other cosmetic surgery clinics looking to succeed,” Jaiswal said. “Additionally, we have had to overcome start-up costs with limited resources and an unfilled schedule due to our client screening.”

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