The L.A. City Council today voted to support the idea that corporations do not share the rights of individual Americans under the U.S. Constitution.

Occupy L.A. demonstrators were in the house when the council took its vote.

The move comes after the 2010 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court granting corporations free speech rights that allow them to fund big-money campaign ads that some had sought to limit. And …

… it comes after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently declared that “corporations are people” too. To which news-comedian Stephen Colbert has replied with a “Corporations are People” campaign on Comedy Central, complete with the stance that parents should let their daughters marry corporations.

Anyway, the council unanimously approved a motion that supports federal legislation to downgrade the notion of corporate personhood, according to the City Maven.

Councilman and would-be mayor Eric Garcetti is quoted as saying:

With our economy reeling, individual people have less and less of a role, it seems, in America these days. Unless there are big changes, your voice is only as loud as your bank account and it's big corporations that have the largest bank accounts.

The vote was clearly supported by the occupiers in the house.

The council, though, is always good at supporting things that don't require it to put its money where its mouth is, from an essentially toothless ban on business with Arizona over its controversial immigration law, to yesterday's lack-of-a-serious move on punishing corporate banks for their ethical lapses.

Good job, City Council. Now if you could actually do some work …

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