The Los Angeles County Coroner reports this morning that 17-year-old Lily Burk died from an “incised wound to neck.” In other words, her neck was slashed.

Burk, whose father is well-known music writer Greg Burk, also suffered traumatic injuries to her head as previously reported in local papers.

Burk was abducted outside Southwestern Law School in the mid-Wilshire area on July 24 after she picked up papers for her law professor mother, Deborah Drooz. She was later found dead in a parking lot on Fifth Street and Alameda in downtown Los Angeles.

Her alleged attacker, Charlie Samuel, was picked up less than an hour after the attack for drinking a beer in public. He was arrested for being in possession of a crack pipe. On Sunday, detectives matched the fingerprints found in Burk's Volvo to Samuel, a parolee from state prison.

The San Bernardino career criminal was charged on Tuesday with Burk's murder. He is eligible for the death penalty for the daylight attack on the well-liked teenager.

Burk was a student at Oakwood School in North Hollywood. She was about to star in her school's production of David Mamet's The Boston Marriage. 

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