Attorney General Jerry Brown said Tuesday that an investigation revealed actor Corey Haim went doctor shopping and obtained 533 prescription doses in the month before his death, including more than 195 tablets of Valium, 194 tablets of Soma, 149 tablets of Vicodin and 15 tablets of Xanax in his last five days of life.

Brown indicated Haim appeared to enlist his acting skills in obtaining new prescriptions from new doctors, claiming he sustained shoulder pain on a film shoot and saying that in had no other physicians treating him at the time. He then visited multiple pharmacies to get his fix, Brown stated. At least one doctor confirmed the actor was addicted to pain killers, with Brown's office stating he had been hooked since age 15. He died at age 38 after his mother discovered him suffering from flu-like symptoms in the Burbank apartment they shared.

“In a period of 32 days, Corey Haim obtained at least 553 doses of potentially dangerous prescription drugs,” Brown said. “He died five days later. It's important for people to understand that legal, prescribed drugs can be just as dangerous as street drugs, and doctor shopping can be deadly.”

Haim was said to be preparing to do a television special on prescription drug abuse and how easy it is to get pills. Brown had also previously linked a prescription he obtained to a bootleg prescription-pad ring based out of San Diego.

Brown says his office has introduced upgrades to the state's voluntary Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, where doctors can enter information about patients so that prescriptions aren't redundant.

LA Weekly