Cooking Up Visual Spectacles: Connor ‘Heisenberg’ McCollam’s Dynamism in Media Production

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Connor McCollam has made his mark in the realm of media production. His narrative illustrates a powerful transformation from an early camera enthusiast to an esteemed creator of visual symphonies that resonate with millions.

From an early age, McCollam saw more than just reality through his camera’s lens; he saw the world in a kaleidoscope of stories waiting to be told. Today, he’s not just telling stories; he’s creating visual symphonies that resonate with millions. Like a skilled chef preparing a gourmet meal, McCollam ‘cooks’ up striking visual narratives for the global music scene’s titans. His work—exquisite, energetic, and emotionally charged—serves a visual feast for an audience hungry for the unique taste of authenticity he brings to the table.

As a senior member of the Rolling Loud Media Team, McCollam put his unique flavor into every bit of media content across 14 Rolling Loud festivals worldwide. He’s made legends like Travis Scott, Post Malone, Cardi B, and Justin Bieber relatable to the crowds—sometimes exceeding 75,000—through his lenses, letting their fans see and feel the pulse of their music like never before. But McCollam’s role isn’t confined to the viewfinder; he’s also the unseen hand shaping these global spectacles’ image and media.

His prowess reached new heights in the spring of 2023 at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival. He was a crucial part of the team that documented the historic joint performance of J.Cole and Drake, arguably one of the biggest moments in recent hip-hop history. Through his intuitive grasp of the moment’s magnitude and emotion, McCollam helped seal this moment in time, encapsulating it in stunning visuals.


However, McCollam’s journey is far from a tale of overnight success. Much like a twisting mountain road, his journey was laden with unexpected obstacles and daring precipices. Early on, he had to employ stealth and creativity to bring his camera into shows, a daring move that speaks volumes about his unwavering dedication. Those bold steps, each accompanied by a pounding heart and a keen eye, eventually paved the way for him to become a trusted stalwart at major music festivals worldwide.

Those very shows he once snuck into now seek out his unique vision and expertise. Reflecting on those days, McCollam muses, “Some of the biggest opportunities I’ve acquired happen as a result of the one time I showed up, in the right place, at the right time, getting the right shot.” These words encapsulate his courage, commitment, and the essence of his journey.

Like the unstoppable rhythm of the beats he captures, McCollam’s journey keeps moving forward. His current aspiration is to transition from festival grounds to a more intimate, personal approach: working directly with artists. This desire reflects his essence—a relentless curiosity and a craving for unexplored territories.

Connor ‘Heisenberg’ McCollam is not just a media producer; he’s a narrator using his lens to weave stories, a maestro orchestrating visual symphonies, and a chef cooking potent servings of visual feasts. His indomitable spirit and unique perspective have left an indelible mark on hip-hop culture, reminding us of the magic that unfolds when passion and persistence dance to the same beat.

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