Cooking Up Content and Cinematics: The FS MEDIA and Steez Studios Saga

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The Modern Kitchen Set at Steez Studios

In a city pulsating with dreams and neon lights, Los Angeles, two visionary friends embarked on a narrative that would rewrite the script of media and creativity. The tale traces the evolution of FS MEDIA and Steez Studios, a journey that began modestly, crafting foodporn videos within the confines of a 500 sq. ft. studio apartment, and now stands as a monument to innovation as one of the nation’s premier kitchen production studios. It’s a story that paints a vivid canvas, starring Mike Irving and Sean Thomas as the protagonists who dared to defy conventions and shape a legacy fueled by fervor, originality, and relentless creative fire.

Food Steez and the Media Magic

The pathways of Mike and Sean converged during their Boston University days. Post-graduation in 2013, they found themselves in the City of Angels, fueled by ambitions as high as the Hollywood sign. A blend of culinary passion and video production finesse laid the foundation of a partnership that would soon defy norms.

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The makeshift 500 sq. ft. apartment studio of Food Steez in Santa Monica.

The year was 2015 when “Food Steez” came to life – a moniker that encapsulated their distinctive blend of style and ease. Their culinary videos intertwined slow-motion aesthetics, tantalizing visuals, and the allure of irresistible food imagery, captivating audiences in ways yet unseen. With each share and like, their presence surged, garnering attention from the likes of Downtown LA’s Bestia. The dawn of Food Steez marked not just the beginning of a brand, but the inception of a revolution that would rewrite the rules of culinary storytelling.

Pivoting Towards Brand Collaborations and Industry Impact

The second live/work kitchen studio of Food Steez and FS MEDIA.

The trajectory shifted dramatically when Food Steez joined forces with a startup at the time, HexClad. This wasn’t just a collaboration; it was a turning point. Their integral role in HexClad’s early days not only changed their direction but also played a significant part in HexClad’s rapid expansion. Their influence extended to even culinary titan Gordon Ramsay, who would become a partner in HexClad.

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The first official studio space for Steez Studios in Culver City predating their 16,000 sq. ft. studio space.

As the landscape transformed, their attention veered from restaurants to brands. Their ability to capture brand narratives in compelling videos was a game-changer, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Soon, they found themselves collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, and it became clear that their cramped apartment was no longer suitable for their soaring ambitions.

Introducing: Steez Studios

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The Kitchen Loft Set at Steez Studios

Leap into 2023, a year that sees their ambitions soar to new heights with the unveiling of the new location for Steez Studios.  Not just a studio, but a powerhouse that thrusts them into the limelight as the largest kitchen studio not just in LA, but across the entire United States. A colossal 16,000+ sq. ft. space becomes their canvas, with 10,000 sq. ft. dedicated to the actual studio and an additional 6,000 sq. ft. reserved for parking.

Beyond the numbers, Steez Studios isn’t just about dimensions; it’s about igniting creativity. Designed for those who dream gastronomy, this studio space is equipped with every tool to bring culinary ideas to life and is available for rent.

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One of Two Prep Kitchens at Steez Studios

Featuring 20 feet high ceilings, and not just one, but two fully-equipped prep kitchens and kitchen sets awaiting culinary magic. Everything else needed for high quality production and more, from private green rooms, lounges, conference rooms and an outdoor patio, Steez Studios is an embodiment of limitless possibilities, reflecting their unwavering dedication to creative excellence.

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White and Dark Kitchen Sets at Steez Studios

The narrative of FS MEDIA and Steez Studios echoes the very spirit of Los Angeles – a city known for nurturing dreams and witnessing them take center stage. Mike Irving and Sean Thomas have etched their story in the annals of creativity, opening doors to realms where limitations bow to imagination. As the spotlight moves forward, we eagerly anticipate the chapters yet unwritten, and the symphony of storytelling that awaits its crescendo.

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