Fans of Tender Greens who live in Hollywood soon won't have to drive over to Culver City or West Hollywood or San Diego–or anywhere else, for that matter–for their eco-friendly salads and plates of grilled Niman Ranch flatiron steak. Tender Greens is opening their fourth–and largest–location at the corner of Sunset and Vine by the end of next month. The new eatery will have a 1,200 square-foot outdoor patio and a 3,900 square-foot interior space that will seat 120. Fermin Arias, the opening chef for the West Hollywood Tender Greens, will move over to open the restaurant. The menu will be the same as the other three Tender Greens locations, which means that nothing will be over $11.

The new Tender Greens will soon look a lot more, well, green than it does now (see below), with an “eco-friendly design” featuring reclaimed and recycled materials, a teak community table, a Halton Exhaust system that filters pollutants from cooking fumes, and an Ever Pure water filtering system. The company says it plans to eliminate all bottled water and soft drinks by the end of 2010. So in other words, the green (the restaurants are named for the salad greens they feature) applies to all kinds of things here. For a complete list of what going green means, or should mean, these days, maybe ask the folks currently meeting in Copenhagen.

Tender Greens Hollywood: 6278 West Sunset Blvd., Hollywood; (323) 382-0380.

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