A conservative political group called SaveCalifornia.com this week planned to launch a television ad campaign against the November ballot initiative that asks Californians to fully legalize marijuana.

The ad, teased in a Sacramento news report (after the jump), claims that marijuana is a “gateway drug” to methamphetamine and cocaine and that it's the addiction most sighted for teenagers in rehab.

SaveCalifornia.com's founder, Randy Thomasson, also says that pot is several times more potent today than it was in decades past and that Californians must consider that when weighing to allow free use of the drug.

The group, which opposes same-sex marriage and was up in arms over last week's court decision to overturn the Prop. 8, is launching a StopProp19 website this week.

The initiative, to be put before voters in November, would make it legal for anyone 21 and older to possess up to one ounce of cannabis.

LA Weekly