Connor Treacy: The business extraordinaire keeping Hollywood’s clubs glitzy and their dancefloors star-studded.

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What’s L.A. without the allure of exclusive clubs – jam-packed with celebs and buoyed by word-of-mouth recommendations? Connor Treacy doesn’t want to find out. That’s why the business guru’s latest venture brings glitzy magic back to Hollywood’s dance floors.

Just 30 years old, Connor Treacy boasts a resume that would leave most of us looking at our beige work history and feeling incredibly unambitious.

Meeting with us at his nightclub before the night kicks off, Connor handles emails and texts from guests from his phone — hosting events in West Hollywood is familiar territory for Connor as an alumnus of Santa Monica High School and a current student at USC Gould School of Law, Connor boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in both academic and real-world settings.

With his trusty iPhone by his side, Treacy multitasks, setting up guests with accommodations while en route to OffSunset. This exclusive West Hollywood spot has a covert speakeasy vibe that only those in the know will appreciate.

“The guest list is strictly limited to those with connections,” he explains amidst a flurry of messages. “I created this place so my friends would have a private and exclusive venue to enjoy for a long time, unlike other clubs that fizzle out after a few months.”

OffSunset’s dedication to privacy and its luxurious atmosphere sets people apart and draws them in. The venue is designed with dim, moody lighting, and comfortable leather seating, creating an enticing and alluring ambiance. But what truly makes OffSunset unique is its strict no-photo policy, encouraging guests to be fully present and savor every moment of their experience.

As servers prepare to start their shift, Treacy and the owners are the only ones working. He busses tables, ensures drinks are placed at each table, and engages in friendly conversation, addressing customers by their first names as they enter the club. It’s clear that he genuinely enjoys what he does.

“People often think the club’s hours are from 11 PM to 3 AM,” Connor says as he finally sits in the back, drink in hand. “But the operating hours are just a small part of the job. It’s a round-the-clock responsibility. My day begins at 8 AM, where I handle legal matters and contract negotiations.”

He adds with a smile that he can keep unusual hours since he doesn’t drink alcohol. “I didn’t get into this for the partying,” he confesses. “Most nights, I leave just before 2 AM and head straight home. I prefer not to get caught up in afterparties or similar activities. The biggest challenge is maintaining personal relationships—with family, friends, and all aspects of life. I end up missing out on birthdays and various other events.”

When Treacy was approached by his partners in the early stages of OffSunset’s opening, he couldn’t believe it would happen. The venue was previously occupied by SBE and their original “Hyde” location. The initial discussions occurred before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the obstacles made him doubtful.

Before launching OffSunset, Treacy worked as an employee at Universal Music Group, earning gold and platinum records along the way. He received a Grammy plaque for his role as a manager in Dua Lipa’s Grammy Award-winning “Best Pop Vocal Album,” “Future Nostalgia.” Reflecting on this, Treacy remarks, “I used to be a promoter, but once I reached a certain level at Universal Music Group, I thought my nightclub days were over. So, when OffSunset came along, it felt like coming full circle.”

Treacy is also currently pursuing a law degree with one more year left at the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law, adding that he can manage his time doing both since school is during the week and he only has to be overseeing operations at OffSunset on Fridays and Saturdays.

Yet, at the core of it all, Treacy’s ultimate dream in his early 20s was to own a nightclub someday. He started from the bottom, working in marketing and promotions at 1OAK. He even orchestrated a legendary Project X mansion party at 19, gaining attention from major news outlets.

While there’s not enough ink space here to properly go through it all, let’s take a quick look at the highlights:

Promoter and events organizer for 1OAK, where he reached his zenith by putting on a Project X mansion party that was so notorious it ended up on national media outlets? Check. Universal Music Group employee, with a GRAMMY plaque for being credited as being a manager on the Grammy Award Winning “Best Pop Vocal Album” for Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” album? Check. Law school student at the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law? Check.

But Connor’s latest venture is his most ambitious yet – and is already proving to be his most successful. The L.A. native recently became a co-owner of the ultra-exclusive OffSunset club in West Hollywood, teaming up with other business minds, including Stafford Schlitt, Gunner Saffron, Shyon Keoppel, and Costas Charalambous.

It’s a role that suited Connor well, given the many strengths he’s gained throughout his career, including his ability to put on good parties, draw in an A-Lister crowd, create a buzz about any event or venue his working in, and – above all – woo just about everyone with his charisma.

OffSunset’s main appeal is fueled by a delicate rumor, gossip, and exclusivity ecosystem. You must know someone to be added to the guest list, and there’s a no-photo policy that the clientele and the staff take very seriously. For Connor and the owners, this was the whole point. In a world where public figures – celebs, influencers, etc. – have less and less privacy, OffSunset gives it back to them. It gives them a space to be let loose and be their most uninhibited selves. And it does so along with luxurious interiors, pumping dance floors, excellent staff, and an all-around ambient setting.

According to the owners, the club has become an overwhelming success, drawing six figures a night. But more than the money, the electric atmosphere has seen this take off as one of L.A.’s most coveted spots.

There’s an appetite for this kind of space. With that in mind, Connor has made clear in recent months that his work is just getting started. As he heads into the latter half of 2023 and takes stock after a busy, successful summer, plans are already in position for a second club space. He’s tight-lipped on what his next venture will involve but be assured that – if it’s anything like OffSunset – it’ll be his next bona fide success story.

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