Confidence Behind the Lens with Hayley Fisk: A Photographer’s Guide to Manifesting Your Dream Career

As a successful LA-based photographer and entrepreneur, Hayley Fisk has led photoshoots for major brands like Fenty Skin, Meaningful Beauty, Perricone, and Levi’s. Her work has even landed her in national magazines like Chevy New Roads, Digital Journal, New York Weekly, and Disrupt Magazine. Yet before the glitz and glam, Hayley battled self-doubt and anxiety as an emerging photographer.

Originally from a small town in Illinois, Hayley overcame imposter syndrome and fear of failure to build her LA photography business, and now intimately understands the uncertainty that today’s aspiring and established photographers face as they try to navigate the industry.

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She now translates that hard-won wisdom into her coaching program, The Anxious Photog. Available in both 4-week and 12-week containers, The Anxious Photog guides photographers through personal empowerment exercises customized to their needs.

Each session tackles limiting beliefs, strengthening brand identity, building confidence, and realizing one’s potential. Themes include manifesting aligned opportunities, pricing strategically, cultivating a magnetic social media presence, and landing dream clients. Hayley structures an individualized learning plan so photographers can progress at their own pace.

She structures the conversations without judgment, rather seeking to nurture the photographer’s inner voice. Having walked in their shoes, Hayley draws from her own experiences to meet them where they’re at while mapping a path forward.

The program begins by exploring the client’s origin story and the background experiences that inspired them to pursue a career in photography. From there, Hayley helps design a personalized roadmap to manifest those visions into reality. Each coaching call concludes with targeted action items, journal prompts for self-discovery, and manifestation techniques to propel the next phase of growth.

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For photographers feeling overwhelmed, confused, or stuck, Hayley provides clarity and direction. Her actionable steps address inner work alongside tangible goals like improving your positioning, portfolio, website, client outreach, and marketing. By pairing personal development with practical tasks, Hayley enables sustainable progress on both the inner and outer frontier.

She also tackles topics like overcoming rejection, imposter syndrome, unhealthy comparison to other photographers, and other limiting beliefs that affect the minds of creatives. Hayley’s personal journey taught her how to shift mental barriers and embrace confidence, joy, and positive thinking. She now shares these insights to help her clients overcome internal blocks.

Fundamentally, Hayley believes every photographer deserves a fulfilling career where they feel respected and valued. Having endured toxic work environments herself earlier on, she is committed to championing photographers in all stages of their career through community and accountability so they can fully flourish.

Having built her photography business by pushing past self-doubt and anxiety through sheer determination, she now uses that experience to ignite ambition and creativity within her clients. By creating a judgment-free space for photographers to imagine their boldest visions, Hayley helps unlock their untapped potential. She knows firsthand the barriers of imposter syndrome and fear of failure, so she guides photographers in overcoming those hurdles.

By the end of the 4 or 12 weeks, participants have gained the clarity, mindset shifts, and momentum to propel their photography ambitions forward with courage. They walk away with both an achievable blueprint and an empowered sense of possibility.

For any photographer seeking more fulfillment, income, purpose, or joy behind the lens, Hayley’s expertise guides the way forward through her photography coaching programs. Those interested can access her free guide “The Anxious Photog’s Guide To Landing Dream Clients“, and book a clarity call with her to discuss their goals and see how her personalized approach can help them progress to the next level of their career.

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