Compassiviste Publishing: Building a More Informed and Compassionate Society Through Literature

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Books have an undeniable allure. Many cherish the joy of carrying their favorite novel, the weight of its pages, and the anticipation of finishing it. Whether on buses, trains, or parks, avid readers find solace in the written word, immersing themselves in worlds crafted by talented authors.

However, this love for the printed page comes at an environmental cost. The publishing industry’s reliance on paper production contributes significantly to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation. Statistics show that the global book publishing industry emits 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year, with the U.S. cutting down 32 million trees yearly to produce books. Sadly, unsold books are then burnt, thrown away, or destroyed, and a third of the books printed never get sold or even donated—that is around 10 million trees wasted by consumers each year.

Amid these concerning numbers, UK-based publishing house Compassiviste Publishing is pioneering a new publishing approach that harmonizes passion for literature with environmental responsibility. It redefines publishing stories without the environmental burden of traditional publishing methods by advocating for digital formats and cultivating a platform for diverse voices.

Embracing a Sustainable Vision

Mitigating the environmental toll of traditional publishing methods is central to Compassiviste Publishing’s mission. The company has strategically pivoted toward digital formats, significantly curbing the need for paper production and the carbon emissions of shipping physical books worldwide.

This approach addresses the urgent need for environmental stewardship and aligns with changing consumer preferences as more readers gravitate toward e-books and audiobooks.

Ali Horriyat, the founder of Compassiviste Publishing, acknowledges that turning digital still raises environmental concerns. Yet, it is a more viable option than traditional publishing as it eliminates shipping, paper production, and the environmental impact of bookstores.

He says, “It’s a strategic approach that targets two concerns – the changing customer preference and challenge of environmental stewardship. Imagine what we can achieve when we focus on the digital; our possibilities are endless.”

The Compassiviste Approach

Compassiviste Publishing’s vision transcends mere environmental stewardship; it uses literature to advance social causes. The company actively seeks out authors whose stories resonate with its mission. Horriyat believes that aligning with like-minded individuals who share a deep commitment to the causes they champion can amplify the messages they wish to convey to the world.

The publishing company takes pride in its quarterly anthology, “How to Change the World,” which sheds light on various social issues. In March, the company released its first collection, “Volume 1, Visions for Peace,” which explores the profound theme of peace and its role in shaping a more harmonious global community. In April, Horriyat contributed his literary flair with “The Adventures of Compassion: A Collection of Short Stories to Harmony,” a captivating anthology delving into the universal pursuit of harmony.

Underpinning Compassiviste Publishing’s efforts is a unique revenue-sharing model that aligns with its commitment to social impact. Forty-five percent of royalties go to the authors, with 55% supporting the causes of Compassiviste Foundation. The organization works on uniting donors worldwide to address pressing social issues such as poverty, conflict, violence, and the preservation of human dignity.

“Literature has the power to open minds and hearts,” Horriyat adds. “By giving voice to the often silenced, we hope to contribute to a more equitable and empathetic world.” Compassiviste Publishing uses its platform to foster a more inclusive and compassionate society through the power of storytelling.

A Journey Forward

Horriyat is keenly aware that the push toward a more sustainable and socially conscious publishing industry is still an ongoing endeavor, with much work still to be done. Compassiviste Publishing faces the complexities of operating within an industry dominated by publishing giants. The industry cannot deny the convenience, reach, and well-established model these giants have already built.

“We recognize the negative implications brought by large corporations,” Horriyat acknowledges. “However, we also know their influence and how connecting with them will allow us to broaden our audience and amplify our message for more charitable causes. We are exploring ways to further collaborate and strengthen the digital publishing industry and bring more society-conscious stories to the world.”

Amid these challenges, Horriyat remains steadfastly optimistic about the future. He believes in the power of literature and its potential for collective action to drive meaningful change. As Compassiviste Publishing continues seeking and collaborating with authors who share its vision for a more sustainable and equitable world, Horriyat is confident that its impact will only grow.

Its upcoming titles cover diverse global social issues, illustrating its commitment to using storytelling for positive change. Compassiviste Publishing is shaping the industry’s future with each new publication, contributing to a more informed, compassionate, and united society, creating a new definition of a publisher in the 21st century.

“Our journey is just beginning,” Horriyat reflects. “We believe that by leading with our values, we can change what people read and how the publishing industry operates.”

Writers can submit their work to Compassiviste Publishing here.

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