So, among the many glittering insanities piled up in the Bible Tabernacle Thrift Store on Lincoln Boulevard, your Crap Archivist discovered this daft 1950 preacher's tract, wherein evangelist W.V. Grant drops crazy like horses drop parade scat. Click on over to Studies in Crap on our Style Council blog to make sense of mad Grant quotes like:

“You can easily see what planet they are from. It is from the planet below instated of above. It is from the pits of hell! Or it could be from Satan's headquarters, which is somewhere in the air at present.”


“One-half of the people of earth will die by starvation, by sword and by hunger. But the other half will be left here to be destroyed by the two-edged sword that comes out of the mouth of Jesus. Human blood will run up to the horses' bits for over 200 miles.”

Also, there's photos of a heap of other bizarre finds from Bible Tabernacle Thrift Store. Think of this week's Studies in Crap post as a visit to this strangest of shops, just without the claustrophobia, the mildewy smell, or the possibility of being avalanched beneath a mountain of linens the color of dogteeth!

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