The comment comes from our post from earlier today on Politico's take on Prop. 19, in which we gently mocked the East Coast media's predictably lame coverage of the pot legalization battle.

Commenter William Conde takes a theological approach:

The bible tells us that God created the herbs for the service of man. IF: God created the herbs and man has made them illegal and those who possess or use these herbs criminals and these criminals are created in God's image; THEN: God must be a criminal too. IF: God is a criminal; THEN: The powers that be today are the same as those who put Christ on a cross 2,000 years ago.

The syllogism is a little tortured. But inventive!

Also, it's worth noting that if God made pot, She also made Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic, but we're probably wise to prohibit industrialists from dumping them in our water.

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