As summer here in Los Angeles sizzles to a fiery close, one's mind turns to other things that are hot and canned, like pickles and comedy — specifically McClure's Pickles and L.A.'s brightest new comedy troupe, The Apple Sisters.

Certified Kosher by Rabbi Herschel Finman, McClure's Pickles (hot and spicy!) are a true family operation run by Mike, Jenny, Bob, and Joe McClure. According to their webpage, Mike McClure was on an NSA sponsored mission to assassinate the Japanese ambassador twenty years ago, but was thwarted when a glare from a row of mason jars filled with the picklings of Wong Young Cucumber, a former master Karate instructor and pickler, blinded him. The rest is, er, history.

The Apple Sisters, as performed by Kimmy Gatewood, Rebekka Johnson and Sarah Lowe, have been lauded coast to coast for their subversive, mascara-running inducing comedy. Their Variety Show features The Sisters as 1940's radio hosts Cora Apple, Candy Apple, and Seedy Apple who broadcast live on WXYZ radio, singing plucky songs, dancing all in a row, and incorporating food both on stage (donning watermelon hats in response to “ration fashion”) and in their triple entendre'd lyrics, “Our skin is smooth and our clothes are crisp, we're as tart as our Granny Smith.”

Below, you'll find The Apple Sisters commercial for Bob McClure's Pickles, directed by Matthew C. Johnson:

Buy your McClure's at Surfas and look for The Apple Sisters Halloween Show at the Upright Citizens Brigade on, well, Halloween.

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