Comedian and impressionist Jason Schuster making a splash in the LA Comedy Scene.

Don’t you love it when you crack a hilarious joke that makes the entire friend group laugh? Being the center of attention for your sense of wit and humour is nothing new and has even been turned into a profession for some. But just being slightly funny from time to time does not guarantee you a spot as a comedian especially in Los Angeles. Being a comedian or entertainer is an incredibly difficult task where you have to communicate with people from all types of backgrounds and mentalities. Yet someone who has achieved the above is Jason Schuster, a rising stand-up comedian, impressionist, and actor.

While many turn to comedy after several years of working in another profession Schuster was no different. He had always known this was his calling even as a kid growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. He was just waiting for the right time and hasn’t looked back since. His relatable material along with his impressions are bound to leave you in peals of laughter. Schuster has trained with some of the top names in the industry such as Heather Pasternack and Gerry Katzman who helped him create a structure to develop his talent as a comedian and impressionist. Over the past years since his official entry into the industry, Schuster has held shows and made appearances at some of LA’s top clubs like Flappers, The Comedy Store and the HAHA Comedy Club to name just a few.

Schuster is always adding new impressions to his repertoire. He also happens to do one of the best Gilbert Gottfried impressions I have ever heard! For those wanting to follow in Schuster’s footsteps the comedian has a very integral piece of advice to give. He says, “Go for it, never give up. When that inner voice is constantly calling don’t suppress it because fulfillment and living your true purpose is what this life is all about.”

So what are you waiting for? If you or a friend wants to get hooked on your new source of fun and laughter, and find out about upcoming shows make sure to check out Jason Schuster on social media today!

IG: @jschucomedy

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