Colyn’s Music is a Spectrum: Electronic artist Colyn started producing music 12 years ago, but it really got serious about four years ago.

“I found my own signature sound while trying new things with a plug-in, which I have used in almost all of my releases,” he says. “At that time it got picked up by Afterlife, which has been a great label and family to launch my career with. The loyalty and value they give to their core artists is unmatched in the industry.”

The musician describes his sound as a spectrum.

“My DJ sets range from more melodic, emotive pieces, to rhythmic afro influenced cuts, to indie dance,” Colyn says. “It gives me a wide variety of vibes to bounce between. On the production side of things there’s a similar spectrum, however it’s a bit more melodic techno and indie dance focused.”

Regarding the current state of electronic music, Colyn believes that everything changes.

“The way music is distributed, how it’s monetized, but also how people experience events,” he says. “This can be perceived as positive or negative, but it’s hard to compare as everything always changes. I’m just happy that we are back to touring and the world is almost fully open everywhere without any restrictions.”

Colyn’s latest release is “Oxygen Level Low.”

”It has been one of my most anticipated releases as many people were waiting for it for a long time,” he says. “The EP consists of 4 tracks and I think it really shows my range as a producer, with each track offering something different, while it all remains to be part of the Colyn sound. Before that I released a track on Cercle Records, named after the beautiful Jatayu Earth Center in India, where my Cercle set took place. At the beginning of the year I also released my remix for Armin van Buuren featuring the beautiful vocals from Be No Rain. All together I’m very happy with the releases I’ve had so far and looking forward to sharing what’s to come.”

Looking ahead, Colyn has a lot planned.

“Music wise I have two remixes, that I’m very excited about, scheduled to be released soon,” he says. “Also a track on the VA for Afterlife will come out very soon. Other than that I’m finishing new music that’ll probably see the light of day at the end of the year. In regards to touring I’m really looking forward to this summer. Some highlights are Ibiza shows at Hï Ibiza with Afterlife and DC 10 with Circoloco, Tomorrowland with Afterlife, Pula Music Week in an Arena together with Tale Of Us, the final closing at De Marktkantine in my hometown Amsterdam (the club where it all began for me), my 10 HRS set at Thuishaven also in Amsterdam, an extended set at Woodstock, Offweek in Barcelona and I’ve finally rescheduled my debut shows in Argentina, which I’m very excited about. But there are honestly too many great shows to name that I’m looking forward to. I feel very lucky getting the opportunity to play all these amazing shows.”

“Last Saturday at Sound in L.A. was my last show of the tour and with a sold out show on my debut, it was a great way to close off my North America Tour,” he adds. “It was very special to have 4 weeks and stay a bit longer in some places, so I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Colyn’s Music is a Spectrum: Colyn’s “Oxygen Level Low” is out now.

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