Satori is Dreamin’ Colors: Electronic artist Satori started writing music when he was about 16 years old.
“Singer/songwriter type of music on the guitar,” he says. “A few years later, I discovered techno and was hooked. It was so different from singer/songwriter music. The beats, the heavy basses, I became obsessed.  When I was 20, I started to produce techno beats in my bedroom and learned how to DJ. I did some releases and gigs here and there, but very fast I missed the instruments that I grew up with. Techno became too electronic for me. So when I was 30, I decided to bring my love for instruments and electronic music together. That’s when things became serious and shaped my music in the way it is today: a blend of organic sounds, instruments and melodies with electronic beats.”
Today, he describes his sound as a blend of the organic and the electronic, a mix of band and DJ.
“I love this world in between,” he says. “It’s freedom.”
His new album, Dreamin’ Colours, was released on April 22.
“The album is really created in the pandemic,” he says. “It is focused on a collaboration with artists who had the same urge to explore during lockdown and the emotional impact that came with it.”
Finally, Satori is planning a massive 2022.
“I’ll be resuming my weekly residency at Chinois ibiza,” he says. “I’m playing the legendary dance arena at Exit Festival and I will be back with my live band for a US tour in November.”
Satori is Dreamin’ Colors: Satori’s Dreamin’ Colours album is out now.

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