Huge cocaine bust announced today: 51 kilos were seized by state agents in Bellflower and Bell Gardens. And the dope was linked, according to the office of state Attorney General Kamala Harris, to Mexico's Gaudalajara Cartel.

Total worth? About $5 million, according to the A.G. Yay! (Yo).

Some dumb criminal, allegedly, actually delivered 41 kilos …

… to a state Department of Justice agent posting as a buyer, according to a statement from Harris' office. (Didn't the peddler notice the prospective purchaser's nice haircut or the late-model American car? Guess not).

An alleged box o' coke.; Credit: California A.G.

An alleged box o' coke.; Credit: California A.G.

The buy-and-bust went down Thursday at a Bellflower parking lot, where authorities say two suspects rolled up with 42 keys in their trunk.

After that a search warrant was served at an alleged “stash house” in Bell Gardens where another 9 keys was claimed to have been found, according to Harris' folks. They also say authorities found nearly $40,000 in drug proceeds there.

The accused delivery guys were named as Giovani Flores-Arias of Sinaloa, Mexico and Rene Guerrero of Indio.

Flores was booked with no bail while Guerrero was jailed in lieu of $2 million. Both could see 25 years if convicted.

Harris says state agents previously took 22 pounds of meth from the cartel.

Is it our imagination or is that a lot of drugs — like enough to supply Charlie Sheen for a month.


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