For those who saw our recent “Cobrasnake: Star Trek Dance Party” slideshow, you know that nightlife photographer Mark “Cobrasnake” Hunter — a longtime Star Trek and JJ Abrams fan — recently stormed the club circuit with a series of Trek-themed parties that featured photo booths, artist-designed limited edition T-shirts produced by RVCA, DJ sets by Steve Aoki and AM, A-Trak and Murs, and also saw people like Mr. Brainwash, Robert Rodriguez, André and H5 paint three-foot Enterprise models. Cobrasake's Trek parties went off worldwide in cities like Paris, Tokyo, London, Berlin, New York and, of course, Los Angeles.

If you missed the event in your city, you should be bummed, but you can still get your hands on 100 of those limited edition Star Trek T-shirts. Cobrasnake will be giving away the goods tomorrow (that's April 15, people) on his site So get on it before your hipster roommate takes the last one.

Check out what you missed here:

Photo booth pictures

Pictures of the Enterprise models

Los Angeles party

New York party

Paris party

Berlin party

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